Serviced Office

Serviced Office by Elite Office

Walk in, sit down and start working

We know how hard and painful it can be to set up and run your own office. Hidden costs and hassles that you are not aware of from the beginning can take away your energy and concentration. You need to focus on running your core businesses. That is why our serviced office was started.

Our aim at Elite Office is to create a perfect environment for those who want to focus on growing their business while keeping their budget tight - the perfect platform for cash flow and growth.

Make a visit, come and enjoy your new office in the heart of Bangkok CBD

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Say 'Yes' to growing your business in hassle-free style

  • No capital investment or complicated contracts
  • No need to purchase furniture, office equipment or set up telecommunication networks
  • Low overhead to keep as much money going to your bottom line as possible

Elite Office’s service promise is simple and straightforward – We serve your needs to help you focus on running your business.

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Our strategic location makes it easy to meet and be met

Elite Office is situated in the heart of Bangkok’s central business district (CBD) and is easily reachable on the BTS sky train.

You and your staff can benefit from the time and money savings of a centrally located office in Bangkok.

Most importantly, Elite Office take the hassle out of getting things done - our highly trained staff will take care of many of the mundane tasks you need done so you can focus on growing your business.

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We are flexible

One of our key business objectives is to provide the best fit office solution to our clients. Over the years of listening to our customers' needs and requirements, we realized that flexibility is key. Our goal is to find out what you need to make your business work so that we can tailor our services to help you reach your business goals.

Full range of business support

We provide a full range of services

Our full range of services is ready and available to you from the minute you walk in the front door.

We take care of the simple things like document delivery and pick-up, cleaning and maintaining offices and equipment, and simply answering the phone; we take care of the complex things like company registration, tax accounting, VAT registration, IT related functions such as web hosting to web design, legal advice, visas & work permits; and we take care of the lifestyle things like hot and cold drinks in a dedicated lounge, a refrigerator to keep things cool, a microwave to warm things up and an assortment of current local and international magazines and newspapers available to you at all times.

You name it, we have it covered and are ready to serve you. Our dedicated and friendly staff thrives on taking care of your needs, so you can channel your energy to focus on growing your business.