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Serviced Office in Bangkok with High Cost Efficiency

"Our aim at Elite Office is to create a perfect environment for those who want to focus on growing their business while keeping their budget tight - the perfect platform for cash flow and growth. More Opportunity · More Efficiency · Less Cost "

Office Equipments are ready

No need to purchase
expensive equipment

Are you tired of paying for fixed costs such as utilities, office furniture, IT and security systems?

If your answer is “YES”, Elite Office is here to help. We realize the importance of these cost to your bottom line, and that is why we made the investment to serve all of our clients.

Why invest in printers, fax machines, scanners, copiers when you rarely use them? Elite Office offers a "Pay for what you use"service for our equipment.

  Your very own receptionists

Your very own receptionists

Receptionists play an important role in establishing your business because they are a window into your business. Typically, however, startup businesses are able to afford only real-money generating positions. Our professional receptionists are trained how to appropriately interact with your clients on the phone and in the office.

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Our business is letting you
focus on your business

Even with the best care and maintenance, problems can still occur within offices. For example, electrical failure, plumbing problems, parking spaces, carpet vacuuming and cleaning, etc. These headaches can eat up your day and prevent you from focusing on growing your bottom line.

At Elite Office, we maintain our office to the highest quality standard to provide you with the most effective working environment possible so that you can come in and get straight to work.