Virtual Office

Real Virtual Office

Build your business while we run your business

If you are not ready to have your own office space but are in need of business professionalism, the Virtual Office services at Elite Office are your solution. We provide you with off-site live communication and address services along with superb levels of Business Support.

Unlike a Serviced Office, virtual office solutions do not provide office space. With a fraction of the cost and no large capital investment, you can enjoy using an address from one of our 3 prestigious downtown office locations; it’s a perfect solution for home-based entrepreneurs, sales people, and freelancers.

Using Elite’s Virtual Office solution is easy. You can set up your own virtual office in less than 5 minutes!

Big Business Address

Big business address

Having your company located in Bangkok’s central business district means a lot to your business in terms of corporate image and business credibility. It is conveniently reached by your clients with minimal effort, time and expense.

Meet your very own secretaries

Meet your very own secretaries

Running a business with a tight budget doesn’t need to be dull and boring. The virtual office solutions at Elite Office allow you to have access to Fortune 500-like business facilities.

We can provide you with excellent quality and reliable Business Support in every possible circumstance. Whether you need tax accounting consultations, advice on company registrations and tax issues, or having papers delivered to your clients, Elite Office can help. Just call and talk to your very own secretaries, who are more than happy to help fulfill your requirements.

Fully Equipped Meeting Room in Bangkok's CBD

Fully appointed meeting rooms in Bangkok’s CBD – whenever you need them

The most convenient part about having a Virtual Office is having the freedom to work from anywhere. You are free to go wherever your business takes you. We offer excellent Meeting rooms facilities for those times when you need to meet your clients face-to-face. Our Business Support functions are offered to you, free of charge!

Expansion that makes a lot of financial sense

No Strings Attached

If you are looking for low-cost expansion, look no further!

Our virtual office is the perfect solution to jump start your business without overheads. Our pricing and packages are straightforward: no long-term commitments … no strings attached. Pay as you go starting from THB X,XXX a month.